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Aktiválás dátuma: 2024-07-18

Állás bemutatása

Feladatok: - Lead a team to control daily import and export business fulfillment (operation, EMS qualification, tax treatment), be part of related digitalization projects- Control and optimize EMS and LSP customs processes, effectively manage the regular monthly checking and organize spot audits- Ensure the fulfillment of EU Directives and Regulations (HS classification, Dual-use, F-Gas, CBAM, etc), manage license extensions- Be the owner of existing SOP/procedures, ensure parties agreements, maintain the related documents (POA, SOP etc.)- Contact window to Customs Authorities, take part in government-initiated customs audits, manage escalations of trade- and customs issues of ESC- Effectively manage ESC (HUN, NL, SI) customs risks, organize training sessions to the logistics team and othe...
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